Spire Huddles are an exciting online interactive experience where you can connect with other church leaders and discuss important topics presented by expert speakers.  Spire Huddles are a conversation, not a typical webinar.  More than half of the time will be spent in small groups with leaders like you. By the time you complete a Spire Huddle, you will hear from an expert, connect with a mentor and leave with an actionable plan to apply your learnings.

Spire Huddles are roughly 90-minutes long on scheduled Wednesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern Time Zone, October 2020 through February 2021.  There will be an additional 30-minutes for final questions at the end of the main presentation. See below for specific dates.  All Spire Huddles are FREE!  Select which Huddle(s) you will attend, then, click on the registration button at the bottom of the list.

We will put you in a small group as a part of the Huddle experience. We only have room for approximately 100 attendees for each Huddle so if you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to info@spire.network.

TBD Effective Digital Church Fulfilling the Great Commission
now requires a new digital strategy for every aspect of church. We will look
at best practices every church should consider. Our breakouts will feature
huddle options for senior pastors, small groups pastors, worship pastors, and

4 Strategic Leadership Matt Wright: A new normal is
coming and now is the time to envision it and make strategic decisions in
preparation. We will be discussing a wide array of ministry topics including
staffing, budgeting, growth strategies, and more. Join us and our veteran team
of leaders to learn how to think these important topics facing every church.
Our breakouts will feature huddles for various size churches and teams,
contexts, roles, and more.
Matt Wright, Willow Creek XP Matt Wright served at Willow
Creek Community Church for 13 years, most recently as Executive Pastor. 
Matt has a passion to partner with churches and non-profits to help them walk
with maximum effectiveness. He has coached many churches and non-profits
across multiple denominations, both in the US and abroad. Matt, his wife and
3 boys live in the Chicagoland area.
11 Rethinking Worship Don Smith: You’ve probably
experienced the difficulty of creating engaging worship experiences in a
blended, physical and digital, church. It’s time to re-think our strategies
while focusing on key principles that will always be true to matter the size,
context, or format of worship. Join us as we re-think this together and hear
from leaders that are re-inventing this pivotal aspect of church. Our
breakouts will feature huddles for various size churches, contexts,
capabilties, and more.
Don Smith Don is the Executive Director of
Worship at Hope Community Church in North Carolina. He is also the Creative
Director for Exponential, a national church planting organization. Don has a
vision to help creatively communicate and illustrate what’s next for the
Church. He is driven by the goal of finding unique ways of making the story
of God attractive to those who aren’t likely to darken the doors of a typical
church. Don and his wife, Jenna, have three boys.
18 Mobilizing, Sending, &
Tyler McKenzie: Most churches
have seen engagement from the committed remain high but there’s been a
lingering confusion about leveraging this engagement. We will be learning
from leaders who know how to turn this engagement into mobilization, sending,
and unprecedented community impact through strategic local partnerships –
yes, even during Covid-19! Our breakouts will feature huddles for various
contexts and common roles in this important area of the local church.
Tyler McKenzie Tyler McKenzie is the Lead
Pastor of Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. With boundless
energy and a commitment to serving the community, Tyler challenges the church
to “Be the body of Jesus, WE are His declaration to the world that He is
alive and He is love!” Northeast is accomplishing this through Love The
‘Ville, a movement that began a few years ago with a church-wide service
project and has expanded into daily projects, partnerships, and community
support. It has become the DNA of Northeast. Tyler’s motto at Northeast –
“When outsiders hear the word ‘church’ they think of something. Usually it’s
not good. So we want to redefine ‘church’ around the irresistible love of
Jesus, one small act of great love at a time. 
9 Mental Health & Recovery Dr Paul Alexander: Studies
continue to show that our communities are struggling with mental health
issues and addiction at an all-time high. 
Your church is on the front lines of these challenges.  Join us as we learn about the seriousness
of these challenges and ways we can equip our churches to be more proactive
than ever at dealing with them. We will hear from leading local church
experts and together learn how to quickly implement new strategies.
Paul Alexander
6 Communications & Marketing Attention is the new commodity
of life and people are more distracted than ever.  If you aren’t strategically communicating
as a church, you likely aren’t going to get the response you desire. The
digital revolution has only made this more important. We will hear from
experts and look at methods, channels, copywriting, social media, and more.
Our breakouts will be designed around pertinent topics and roles. Don’t miss
this important huddle.
Tyler Sansom Tyler is the Engagement Pastor
at First Capital Christian Church where he gets to pastor, he has seen an
incredible philosophy shift happen where our people have begun to truly grasp
the idea of “Church Anywhere.” We saw it start with a digital expression of
our worship services, but then it morphed into something we didn’t see
13 Church Planting The stats are clear–more
churches are closing than starting, and we need a revolution of church
planting to stem this tide. This reality has escalated greatly today because
of the pandemic. This breakout will look at effective church planting in this
new, digital, day. We will hear from church planting experts, practitioners
on the front lines, and veteran leaders all re-thinking this important topic.
If you are thinking about planting, committed to plant, or in the early
stages of a church plant, this huddle is for you!
Jeff Reed, Stadia Jeff is the Director of Digital
Church Planting at Stadia. With 20 years experience serving the church in the
digital/technological realm, Jeff loves working with churches. Through
blogging, podcasting, speaking and social media, Jeff loves helping churches
find a larger ministry purpose in Church Online. Jeff married his high-school
sweetheart, Amy, and have two kids and a dog, and a bird. They live in Miami,
20 Preaching Teams Don’t go alone! Together is
better! Across the board, lots of pastors are realizing the power of
developing a preaching team – whether it’s a staff team, pastor friends, or
even volunteers. We will be hearing from leaders who have put such teams
together and the way to make them work well. The formats and methods vary,
but there are best practices you should learn. We will focus our breakouts to
help you envision this together, and possibly even form a team right there on
the spot!
Arron Chambers Arron is the lead pastor at
Journey Christian Church in Greeley, CO.  He is an accomplished author
of seven books including Eats with Sinners and Devoted. Arron enjoys
coaching, working out, podcasting, and spending time with his family. Arron
and his wife, Rhonda, have four children and two grandchildren.
27 Children, Students, and Families The families in your church are
on the front lines of today’s challenges and face increasingly difficult
circumstances in which to flourish. We will be looking at these challenges
and hearing from national experts about how the local church can enter this
reality and make a difference in the lives of children, students, and
parents. If you are a children, student, or family ministry pastor or team
member you must be there! Our breakouts will feature huddles for various size
churches and typical roles in this area of the local church.
Keith Parker Keith is the Student Ministry
Team Lead / Discipleship Minister at Greenford Christian Church in Northeast
Ohio. Keith began serving in student ministry in 1997 and has a passion for
seeing students follow Jesus wholeheartedly and use their passions and gifts
to grow the Kingdom. In addition to local ministry, Keith also served for the
past 7 years on the leadership team for YouthMin.org, a worldwide network of
youth pastors devoted to sharing resources and growing together. Keith has a
beautiful wife Jill and three boys
Avoiding Pastor Burnout Wes Beavis / Mindy Caliguire 
TBD Healthy Elders, Healthy Church Overseers have a high
responsibility in church life. They have a biblical,  important role in every church, and
especially the church that wants to grow, reach people, and make disciples.
Join us as we hear from elders and leaders that have strategically thought
through and designed healthy governance models that allow church to do just
TBD Married to a Pastor The healthy pastoral family and
marriage is important to leading a thriving church. So often, our families
bear the brunt of the stresses ministry can bring. Join us as we look at how
to prioritize your family and marriage. We will hear from leaders who have
sorted this out from all sides of the issues you face with practical
suggestions and action you take immediately. We will design our huddle
breakouts around stage of life and stage of ministry.